Friday, 31 May 2013

Reverse Graffiti

Today I came across another cool type of "green advertising" or "enviro-art" concept that I had never seen before, and so I thought I'd share it with you! It's called Reverse Graffiti (also known as grime writing, clean advertising, or green graffiti), which is basically like regular graffiti in the sense that images are created on walls and other surfaces, however in this case, the images are temporary. With reverse graffiti, dirt, dust, and build up is removed from a surface using high power washers, fabric, and sometimes detergent, rather than harsher chemicals or inks.

Some companies use it as a form of green/clean advertising, such as BBC, Microsoft, Starbucks, Sony and Green Works (a company that sells plant based cleaners). Others use it as a way to spread environmental awareness, such as Moose (also known as Paul Curtis, a street artist from the United Kingdom and one of the first artists to use this technique), and Alexandre Orion (a Brazilian street artist). Personally, I've been finding these green ads and ideas really innovative and insightful, and this one really strikes me because its foundation is sustainable and it's more focused on spreading awareness rather than just advertising.

Unlike the green billboard post I made earlier this month, this form of green advertising has met some legal backlash. However, since this art does not involve applying paints as it only consists of cleaning surfaces, and since no permanent damage is created as a result, the creators can't necessarily be prosecuted. Below are some featured works with links. More information on The Reverse Graffiti Project collaboration between Green Works and Moose can be found here; and more works from Moose and Alexandre Orion can be found here and here.

The Reverse Graffiti Project  By:  Green Works and Moose

Art Less Pollution  By:   Alexandre Orion (Brazil)

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